Sixth Form
"The Sixth Form is outstanding. Students leave the sixth form ready to make a contribution to the world around them."



‘The sixth form is outstanding. Students follow mainly academic courses and most go on to university. They leave the sixth form ready to make a contribution to the world around them.’  OFSTED 2014

Our aim is that students leave with a clear set of moral values on which to base their lives; we support and challenge them to be the leaders of tomorrow. We want our young people to be well-mannered, accomplished and yet humble.

We welcome both our own pupils and those from across the city and beyond to join our Sixth Form, taking great care to introduce newcomers to our ethos and spirit. Our 6th form open evening for entry in September 2017 will take place on 2nd November 2016, at 7pm on the main school site.

At Stone House, St Joseph’s Sixth Form centre, students enjoy their own state of the art teaching, learning and study facilities as well as a separate dining room and social space. This is now complemented by additional independent study space at the nearby Fideliter building.

The student experience is enriched by opportunities to take part in an eclectic range of life-enhancing pursuits including community service, the prefect system, music, sport, drama, retreats and charitable work. Every February we take a group of staff and sixth form students out on immersion to the developing world. We initially began with a two week journey across Sierra Leone, and have since expanded the program to incorporate simultaneous experiences to both Sierra Leone and India.

Students are encouraged to aspire to go on to continue their studies at University, including at the world’s very best institutions, however we respect and support the desire of an increasing number of students to consider more direct pathways into employment including apprenticeships and higher education programmes.