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The Parent, Teacher and Friends Association

St Joseph’s Parents, Teachers and Friends Association has been an integral part of the school community for many years.

One of our main functions is to raise funds in order to provide additional resources or “extras” for the school which would not necessarily be covered in the school budget. In its time, the PTFA has raised many thousands of pounds, which have been spent on improving equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education and the facilities in school in general. For example, in the past the PTFA have purchased stage curtains, picnic benches and interactive white boards for the classrooms.

There are also times when the school has a big project underway that we can help with. In 2004 the PTFA donated £25,000 to support the school in its specialist Science College status. In 2008, to mark the school’s 75th anniversary, we had great pleasure in handing over a cheque to Ms Maguire for £75,000. This money has been used to carry out a well needed refurbishment of the sports pavilion.

As in most schools, the majority of our funds are raised through the events that we run. Attending events or offering to help before, during or afterwards is very valuable. Donations such as raffle prizes and items for sale at our fayres are also extremely important and welcome. Please read the PTFA newsletters for up to date information on each event.

Chair / 800 Club – Mrs Tracy Middleton
Tel: 07801814031

Vice Chair – Mrs Alex Baines
Tel: 074626164261

Secretary – Mrs Heather Sproston
Tel: 01782 846117

Treasurer – Mr Harry McCauley
Tel: 07818808320


Thank you to school staff and to all those individuals who have supported us by using the School Web Shop. If you are new to the school, or have not yet used it please spend a few minutes looking at the site: St Joseph’s Web Shop.


If your details are below, then you have won on the 800 Club.

Please collect your envelope containing the prize from the PIP.

Please note, you will need ID to collect your prize.


First Prize Winners Second Prize Winners
S Bakers Harvey C 71F F Gabrielle Harvey
S Bakers Lawton S71 1
Giselle Ayoub Drsseades Mrs Prior Mre JE Prior
Wright T / LDGD Wojciuk CS&IR
Bourne Miss Alison Murphy J&J
Jones Mrs Mary Blackshaw S LVW F
Shirley Mrs Mary Rose Higgins Gareth Mr
Powell Mrs Jane Smith Mrs Lisa
Knapper Mrs Jayne Henry , Mr Philip
Llewellyn Mr Richard & Mrs Sara Ward Mr & Mrs MA Ward
Alvarez-Llobelc Mullaney, Mrs Kim
S DQO F Green Sproston Heather
Butters Helen
Boden Vaessa


Many thanks for your support for the PTFA

Brian Wilson



The 800 club is a simple, and wonderful way to help fund projects within school – half of all subscriptions received each month are given to the school and the remaining half become the 1st place cash prize. The more members there are, the higher the prize money and the more funding there is for pupils to benefit from. It costs just £2 a month.

To take part just complete the standing order mandate. Part B can then be handed to any PTFA member or sent to the PIP marked C/O Brian Wilson (800 Club coordinator). You will then need to forward Part A to your bank who will set up the standing order.

Past winners

October 2013
1st Mr & Mrs Carter
2nd Phillips JL
3rd Oleary T S55 1
1st Shufflebotham R
2nd Ward EKF F Daniel Ward 7IL
3rd Maddison Tilly Maddison
1st R & C Bonsmann
2nd Meadon R TOH F Meadon
3rd Janet McCauley J MC Cauley
January 2014
1st Doherty AG & YT
2nd Lawton S71 1 Lawton
3rd Sproston MA & HLK/G
1st S Bakers
2nd Bridden MM STFF Lucy BRIDDEN
3rd Eatough JP&J
1st Phillips JL
2nd Nash MJ + JA Bills
3rd Mccleod M Megan Mcleod
1st Carrick C M Mrs C M Carrick
2nd Loveridg AL G BP
3rd McCaffery J A
1st Myatt Mr Paul
2nd Austerberry Nicola
3rd Smith A & K
1st Mrs O’Connor James/Ryan
2nd Harvey C 71F F Gabrielle Harvey
3rd No 3rd prize drawn

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