Pastoral Care
"The behaviour of students is outstanding. Students recognise the high expectations set for them and they have equally high expectations for themselves. This is why their attitudes to learning are excellent. They fully embrace the school’s aim, ‘aspire to be more’."


Pastoral Care

It is our aim to develop the whole person and to ensure that each pupil is ‘known, loved and valued’.

Our pastoral care provision tries to enable every pupil to benefit fully from the curriculum and all the other aspects of school life. Each child is unique, with different levels of ability and skill and a different personal psychology (including for example, motivation, self-esteem, confidence and cultural perspective).

Pastoral system
Each pupil is assigned to a tutor group and a House under the care of a form tutor whose role it is to know each pupil on a personal level, developing a relationship of mutual trust and respect. It is their responsibility to monitor and guide the development of each individual pupil ensuring that opportunities are provided for all to make exceptional progress in all areas of school life.The tutor is the first contact between home and school via the student’s planner.

Tutors are supported in their role by Heads of Keys Stages and Assistant Heads of Key Stages Year who monitor and evaluate pastoral care within their year group and look for ways of improving the quality of provision.

Key Stage 3

Mrs Hancock – Key Stage 3 coordinator and Head of Year 7
Mr Weaver – Key Stage 3 pastoral assistant i/c Year 8
Mr Banner – Key Stage 3 pastoral assistant i/c Year 9

Key stage 4

Mr Gilligan – Key Stage 4 coordinator
Mr Murray – Key Stage 4 pastoral assistant i/c Year 10

Key Stage 5

Mrs C Cirino – Director of Sixth Form
Mr Willis – Head of Year 12
Mrs Moran – Assistant HOY12
Mrs McLaughlin – Head of Year 13
Mrs Gilding – Assistant HOY13

The above staff are supported by and work closely with
Mrs Slattery (Deputy Head teacher) and Mrs Machin Inclusion Manager

The Pastoral System is led by Mrs Slattery (DHT)

All students coming into year 7 will be allocated to a House in which they will remain until the end of Year 9. Each house has a different colour and symbol which is reflected in the House tie. Friendly and healthy competition between houses is encouraged on the sports field, in the classroom and beyond.  Students can collect merits for their Houses for all manner of good deeds, for getting involved and for academic achievements. Each year group has elected student representation in the form of house captains.

You may follow this link to go to the House blog.

Kerrigan: Brother Kerrigan is an inspirational figure in school. He was the Head teacher at St Joseph’s between 1984 and 1990. From St Joseph’s he went on to Sierra Leone to take up leadership of the Christian Brothers’ Formation Community. It was here on the 10th April 1995 that he was caught in a rebel ambush and sadly lost his life.

O’Donoghue: Br. Dorotheus O’Donoghue was a very humble man born in Ireland around 120 years ago. Back in 1931, the Archbishop of Birmingham made a formal approach to the Christian Brothers inviting them to consider the possibility of opening a school in the Potteries. The Archbishop had the opportunity to buy a house called High Grove (which we now call the Brothers’ House).Brother O’Donoghue was the first Christian Brother to set foot on our school site and he was instrumental in the foundation of the school in 1932.

Nano Nagle: Nano Nagle was born in Ballygriffin, County Cork, Ireland in 1718. She is one of Edmund Rice’s great inspirations and founded the Presentation Sisters. Nano Nagle selflessly educated the children of Cork during the day and visited and nursed the sick by night. As a result, she became known in Cork as the Lady with the Lantern, the symbol of the Sisters of the Presentation worldwide.

Edmund Rice: Blessed Edmund Rice was the founder of the Christian Brothers some 200 years ago. His selfless and inspirational work as an educator is the reason why St Joseph’s College is here today and our school ethos is embedded in the work of this amazing man. We continue to be inspired by him and are encouraged to share in the vision and work of Edmund Rice.

Blessed Tansi: Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi was born in Nigeria in 1903 and died in Leicester, England in 1964. He was an Igbo Nigerian ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1937. Those who knew him testify to his great love of God. Everyone who met him was touched by his personal goodness. He was a man of the people: he always put others before himself. He is a real inspiration to African Catholics because of him being modern and proclaimed blessed by the Church. Blessed Tansi is also the name of the school that we work closely with in Bo in Sierra Leone.

Discipline and behaviour at St Joseph’s College are based on the principles established in our Mission Statement. That is: valuing and respecting each other as ‘made in the image and likeness of God’; creating a well ordered community where the freedom of the individual is balanced with the rights of others and serving each other in a spirit of understanding, helpfulness, forgiveness and joy.

We have a clear rewards system in both KS3 and KS4. We also have firm, fair and clear rules that are justly applied so that pupils are safe and secure in our school and are free to grow, develop and mature.

The support given and the sanctions applied to those students who break the rules are fully explained in our behaviour policy and which should be read in conjunction with:

  • Attendance Policy
  • Exclusions Policy
  • Anti-bullying policy

Please visit the Download Zone for all school policy documents.


“Disabled students and those with special educational needs make excellent progress” Ofsted 2014

The SENCO is Mrs Amanda Pearson, aided by the assistant SENCO, Miss Kelly Jackson.

The learning Support Practitioners are:

Miss Beverley Barnett
Miss Emily Edwards
Miss Paula Keever
Miss Hannah Rowley

The Study Support department is situated in the Brothers’ House. A suite of rooms offers a wide range of facilities to ensure that all pupils achieve to their full potential. Five multi-media computers are installed in the teaching room, for the use of pupils. This adjoins an office shared by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and 4 experienced Learning Support Practitioners (LSPs).

Through rigorous assessment both on entry to the school and periodically through their academic career, students’ needs are identified and strategies implemented to promote success. Referrals for assessment and support are made by staff, students and parents.


Students with additional or special educational needs may be given individual tuition or specialist programmes to ensure that they make maximum progress. In class support is also available for individuals or groups of children who may need additional help in specific subjects following individual assessment.

The college is supported by SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) services and the Educational Psychologist Service (EPS) in several specialist areas. These advisory teachers will support assessment of, provision for and monitoring of individual students’ needs and progress.

The college’s core advisory teachers are:

  • SEND Lead Advisor: K. Jheeta
  • Hearing impairment: W. Potts
  • Visual impairment: J. Chadwick
  • Educational Psychologist: B. Petrie

Nevertheless, the college can also request specialist support from the additional following areas:

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Language and Interaction
  • The department is also assisted by Year 11 Reading Mentors who undertake the tuition of more reluctant readers on a weekly basis.

Access Arrangements:

A range of access arrangements may also be provided for students whose needs disadvantage them in internal and external examinations. These arrangements can be applied for following a history of need being established and only at the beginning of an exam course. All queries regarding access arrangements should be directed to the SENCO, Mrs A. Pearson.

The pupil premium report may be accessed directly from the tab on the right hand side of this page or by visiting the Download Zone.